Outlet Motorcycle Leathers

Motor suits Outlet

Do you ride on the circuit or are you a sporty motorcyclist? Then a motorcycle suit is perfect for you. Of course, you don't want to spend a fortune. For this reason, Motoshop Europe opened the doors of the Pop-Up Motorcycle Clothing Outlet on March 16, 2021.

Types of outlet motorcycle suits

A consideration that must be made is the choice between a one- or two-piece motorcycle suit. A one-piece motorcycle suit obviously consists of one part, while a two-piece motorcycle suit consists of motorcycle pants and motorcycle jacket that can be attached to each other. Motorcycle suits offer the highest standard of protection.

Fit of motorcycle suits

When choosing a motorcycle suit, it is important that the suit fits as tightly as a second skin. Don't be alarmed if the suit feels too tight at first, leather stretches over time, making the fit of the suit perfect. Underwear is an excellent tool to make it easier to get into the motorcycle suit. It is normal that you cannot walk completely upright due to the shape of the suit, as this ensures that the sporty driving position is supported so that you can maintain it for longer.

Another point of attention when choosing a motorcycle suit is that the sleeves and legs should not be too long. These may not reach the wrist and ankle due to the connection of motorcycle gloves and boots.

Outlet motorcycle suit brands

Whether you ride on the track or on the street, purchasing a high-quality motorcycle suit is important when challenging your skills. That is why Motorshop Europe offers a wide range of brands that have been selected with care and expertise. Below you will find an overview of the most popular motorcycle suit brands.