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Outlet motorcycle boots & shoes

Outlet motorcycle boots and shoes are an important part of your motorcycle outfit because your feet and legs are easily injured in the event of a fall or slide. Outlet motorcycle boots also provide extra protection for the lower leg thanks to their height. This prevents twisting of the ankle and abrasions on the lower leg in the event of a fall or slide. In addition to protection, Outlet motorcycle shoes can also offer a casual look because they are often barely distinguishable from regular shoes.

Outlet motorcycle jackets

Important points of attention of a outlet motorcycle jacket are comfort and protection against a fall or slide as well as against the elements . Leather outlet motorcycle jackets are durable and offer optimal protection. In addition, leather fits perfectly to your body because it stretches. A disadvantage is that leather only provides optimal protection if it is as close to your skin as possible, which means that it is best to wear a single shirt or thermal shirt underneath.

Outlet Motorcycle boots and shoes

The area of ​​the feet and legs is most likely to be damaged in the event of an accident. As a solution to this, motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes have been developed in recent decades. To provide everyone with affordable protection, Motoshop Europe has opened the Pop-Up Motorcycle Clothing Outlet since March 16, 2021. The Outlet has a wide collection of both men's motorcycle boots and shoes and ladies motorcycle boots and shoes.

Outlet motorcycle boots

There is a big difference between motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes. Motorcycle boots can be recognized by their height, which provides protection and stability. This protects the shins from abrasions in the event of a slip or fall. In addition, the appearance of a motorcycle boot differs from a motorcycle shoe. A motorcycle boot gives the wearer a sporty look that you can easily wear on the track.

Outlet motorcycle shoes

Motorcycle shoes offer not only protection but also a high degree of comfort. Because the shoes are designed for daily use, they remain comfortable, even outside of motorcycling. Many motorcycle shoes and sneakers offer a casual style that is barely distinguishable from 'normal' shoes.

Material of outlet motorcycle boots and shoes

Motorcycle boots and shoes are made from different materials. With boots, this mainly concerns leather. Thanks to the wear resistance of leather, it is a perfect fabric to use in motorcycle boots. On the other hand, motorcycle shoes mainly consist of textile, leather or a combination of these. Textile is a flexible fabric that offers a lot of comfort, making it ideal for motorcycle shoes. Motoshop Europeoffers a wide range of leather outlet motorcycle boots and shoes as well as textile outlet motorcycle boots and shoes.

Outlet motorcycle boots and shoes all year round

Different types of motorcycle boots and shoes are suitable for defying winter or summer. Most winter outlet motorcycle boots and shoes are equipped with a waterproof and/or windproof, breathable membrane. This means you won't go through the winter with chattering teeth, but you will stay comfortably warm and dry. There are also summer outlet motorcycle boots and shoes. Thanks to various techniques incorporated into the motorcycle boots and shoes, wind circulates past your feet, allowing you to enjoy the summer pleasantly.

Outlet motorcycle boots and shoes brands

Motoshop Europe has selected a wide range of the best outlet motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes with care and expertise. Below you will find a list of the most popular brands.