Outlet Motorcycle Clothing

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Outlet Motorcycle Clothing

On March 16, 2021, Motoshop Europe opened the doors of the Pop-Up Outlet. The Outlet is filled with a range of well-known brands of motorcycle clothing such as Bering, Macna, Richa, Alpinestars, Segura, HJC, Arai and Rukka, but also includes numerous budget brands. To provide everyone with a brand new outfit, Goedhart Motoren has an extensive range of affordable Outlet motorcycle clothing. The Sample Sale clothing comes from international motorcycle fairs, unworn, and CE-approved.

Motorcycle clothing is usually made from two different materials: leather and/or textile. The advantage of leather is that it is extremely resistant to wear and tear, making it a protective and durable material. Textiles are very comfortable and nowadays also offer excellent protection through the use of fabrics such as Kevlar.

Outlet motorcycle boots & shoes

Outlet motorcycle boots and shoes are an important part of your motorcycle outfit because your feet and legs are easily injured in the event of a fall or slide. Outlet motorcycle boots also provide extra protection for the lower leg thanks to their height. This prevents twisting of the ankle and abrasions on the lower leg in the event of a fall or slide. In addition to protection, Outlet motorcycle shoes can also offer a casual look because they are often barely distinguishable from regular shoes.

Outlet motorcycle jackets

Important points of attention of a outlet motorcycle jacket are comfort and protection against a fall or slide as well as against the elements . Leather outlet motorcycle jackets are durable and offer optimal protection. In addition, leather fits perfectly to your body because it stretches. A disadvantage is that leather only provides optimal protection if it is as close to your skin as possible, which means that it is best to wear a single shirt or thermal shirt underneath.

Textile outlet motorcycle jackets are functional. A removable thermal lining is ideal to adapt a motorcycle jacket to the season. In addition, textile motorcycle jackets often have a wind and/or waterproof, breathable membrane. Where you cannot wear clothing underneath with leather motorcycle jackets, you can with textile motorcycle jackets.

Outlet motorcycle gloves

Hands are very vulnerable. This makes it all the more important to properly protect this part of the body. Outlet motorcycle gloves have various protectors to ensure you receive optimal protection. In addition, the material of a motorcycle glove plays an essential role. Leather outlet motorcycle shoes are resistant to wear and get a perfect fit because leather slowly stretches to the perfect fit. Textile outlet motorcycle gloves are extremely comfortable thanks to the flexibility of textile.

Outlet motorcycle pants

Outlet motorcycle pants serve various purposes. There are motorcycle pants that are specially designed for winter or summer. With outlet summer pants, the material can be perforated, allowing fresh wind to circulate in the motorcycle pants, which feels wonderfully fresh during hot summer days. Outlet winter trousers are usually waterproof and windproof due to a membrane that is incorporated into the motorcycle trousers. In addition, there are motorcycle jeans that are indistinguishable from normal jeans. This allows you to participate in everyday life as soon as you get off the bike.