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When you think of tuning, you immediately think of making the bike faster, but the term is much broader. Optimising the streamline, for example by a different fairing or a seat cover, improving the seating position by a different set of brakes/shifters or handlebars also falls under tuning. Motoshop Europe's wide assortment also covers this. Perhaps the most popular tuning item concerns the slip-on replacement silencer. Understandably so. Forced by increasingly stricter environmental requirements, standard silencers are getting bigger, but not always nicer. For aesthetic reasons alone, many motorcyclists tend to equip their slim-cut machine with a beautiful and compactly designed silencer. The silencers from our range allow your bike to breathe more freely, so with the right adjustment it performs better than with the standard pipe. You get a nice sound on the bargain. Our attached overview tells you which tuning items we can supply for your engine. The search window on this website will put you on the right track. Just select your engine make, year and type.