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ART4 motorcycle locks

With our collection of ART4 motorcycle locks, you can protect yourself from the thieves guild. Reporting a crime is usually more trouble than properly locking up your motorcycle. So please always lock your motorcycle properly. Regardless of whether you stay away for five minutes or a day. Both for your safety and your insurance it is important that your motorcycle lock has an ART4 certificate. Then you can be sure of the strength of the lock and the coverage your insurance provides in case of theft.

ART4 Disc brake locks

The possibilities when it comes to motorcycle locks are quite extensive. Various locks for various applications. The possibilities are endless. One of the most popular choices at the moment is the ART4 disc brake lock. Motorcycle disc brake locks are usually small and thanks to the size easy to transport. For example, in a tank bag or a luggage compartment under your passenger seat. A disc brake lock is easy to apply to a brake disc. This prevents the bike from rolling away when your steering lock is broken. Because of the size and placement of a disc brake lock, it is wise to purchase a reminder cable.

ART4 U-locks

A second choice are U-locks. Motorcycle U-locks are steel shackle-shaped locks. You can put the bracket through your rims and rear swingarm, for example. This makes it practically impossible to roll the motorcycle if your handlebar lock is broken. In some cases, you can also use the motorcycle shackle lock to anchor the motorcycle to a wall anchor or pole.

ART4 Roadlock

One of the newest applications in motorcycle theft prevention are ART4 Roadlok motorcycle locks and are popular because of their method and size. This is because Roadlok locks are mounted directly on your caliper and remain there during your ride, the only thing you carry with you is the 7cm (77gram) Bracebolt. Moreover, the lock is very easy to use after mounting. Put the Bracebolt in the lock, move your bike at least until you hear a click and the bike is locked. To unlock the motor you put the key in the lock and remove the Bracebolt, and you are ready to go. Because the lock uses the holes in your brake disk to lock itself in place, the motorcycle cannot move from its place, so there is no damage if you forget the lock when you want to drive away.

Are you looking for a possibility to anchor your motorcycle helmet to your motorcycle? This is also possible.

Alarm systems

Take a look at our motorcycle alarms. As an addition to a motorcycle lock, this can be a very strong combination. A motorcycle alarm can usually be set to sensitivity. This prevents the alarm from going off in strong winds for example. All in all, you can say that the possibilities are endless to secure your motorcycle. Please do so. Do not risk the suffering of a stolen motorcycle. Especially since you can prevent this quite simply with, for example, a disc brake lock.

Track & Trace Motorcycle Systems

Do you want even more certainty about the safety of your motorcycle than Track & Trace systems are a godsend. These systems offer the possibility to continue to follow your motorcycle after theft. The trackers send out a signal so you can see exactly where your motorcycle is, anywhere in the world.

Largest Range of Motorcycle Locks

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