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Motorcycle bobbins make life easy, not only for cleaning your chain, but also for simply lubricating your motorcycle chain, adjusting your chain, cleaning your motorcycle rim, and so on. Now imagine those same actions, and then imagine your motorcycle bobbins are gone. How does it work then? Simply lubricating your chain is suddenly not that simple anymore, and it will probably take you a lot longer. Motoshop Europe is here to save you that headache.

The motorcycle bobbins you find in our assortment are high quality products, not only so you can be satisfied, but also simply so that you can count on the product. For this reason, the bobbins in our assortment are made of the best materials, mostly high quality aluminum. This is a popular choice for this part, simply because it is strong and also lightweight. Every gram you can save yourself on the motorcycle is a nice bonus, isn't it?

Applying the bobbins is a piece of cake. In the swingarm of almost all motorcycles you will find a screw hole. This screw hole can be found in all motorcycles. This makes this part also a universal product. Anyway, mounting your motorcycle bobbins is done simply by screwing the supplied screw into the screw hole. Usually you need an Allen key for this.