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Chain locks give good protection in case of high risk of theft. They are flexible and therefore easy to use and made of special hardened steel. To prevent damage to your motorcycle, the chains are equipped with a textile cover. Before ordering, check the length of the chains offered and the space required on the motorcycle and the intended attachment to, for example, a lamppost or fence.

Please note that some insurance companies have certain requirements for the quality of the locks; you can find them on the policy schedule.

Motorcycle covers

A very sensible investment for your motorcycle are motorcycle covers. At Goedhart motoren we have a large collection of motorcycle covers, no matter if you are looking for a cover for your Yamaha MT-07, Honda Goldwing or Vespa with windshield. In our collection you will find the right size motorcycle cover, which will fit your motorcycle perfectly. A motorcycle cover is not only bought in the right size for you, but also for your situation. In the scenario that you want to put your motorcycle under a cover inside, we have specific covers for this. For the scenario that your motorcycle has to be outside exposed to the elements, we have those as well. At Motoshop Europe we have a strict quality check, because we don't just sell you our stuff.

Motorcycle cover for every bike

As already mentioned, motorcycle covers come in many shapes and sizes. The same applies to motorcycles, of course. You sometimes come across the strangest dimensions among motorcycles. What some smaller motorcycles cover in length, some taller motorcycles cover in height. You can imagine that you do need to take this into account when manufacturing motorcycle covers. This is exactly why our assortment is as complete as it is. So regardless of whether you are looking for a cover for your Goldwing, V-strom, Adventure motorcycle or Suzuki VanVan, we have the motorcycle covers in our collection to safely store them all, indoors and outdoors, against dust, wind and weather conditions.