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Storage and transport, in addition to maintenance are often topics that many motorcyclists are less enthusiastic about. When it's really necessary, it is important to store or transport the motorcycle in a proper manner, so nothing can happen to your beloved iron steed.

Storage & maintenance

Whether you store your motorcycle for storage or maintenance, there is one part you can not go without, your stand. Whether this is a side stand, center stand or a paddock stand and bobbins, without it it is very difficult to keep the bike upright. If you want to keep it in place as well as upright, consider a wheel clamp.

When the time comes to not ride the bike for a while, it is important that the battery does not lose its power. It is wise to connect it to a battery charger that can charge and recharge the battery, so that the battery remains in top condition. To protect your motorcycle during storage, you can always cover it with a motorcycle cover.

If you are planning to use the bike again and you want to get started with maintenance - or just want to pamper it during the storage period - we advise you to use a service pit mat. This way your machine can rest in style and maintenance will also be more pleasant.

Transporting your motorcycle

Whether it's a vintage bike that you'd rather not drive over muddy roads, or a motorcycle that simply won't start, transporting the motorcycle will sometimes be necesarry. The average motorcycle easily weighs over 150kg so you can't just lay it over your shoulder. Many people transport their motorcycle via a trailer where it is important to secure the motorcycle with tie straps. The only challenge then is how to get the motorcycle on your trailer. Very simple, by using a ramp. This way you can easily drive the motorcycle up.