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The oil filter cleans the oil of irregularities so that lubrication remains optimal. The moving parts in an engine are lubricated and cooled by oil. But moving parts wear out and small metal particles as well as combustion residue and soot end up in the oil. The oil filter, which is part of the lubrication system, cleans the oil of these irregularities. The main component is an impregnated paper element folded like a harmonica, which increases the filter surface area, minimizing the amount of dirt entering the engine and ensuring optimal lubrication.

Over time, the oil filter can become saturated with dirt and then no longer works. To take no risk, we always recommend replacing the oil filter along with the oil change. This is a fairly simple job that can be done by almost anyone themselves.

A new and well-fitting oil filter should preferably be ordered together with the correct oil. Follow the advice as described in the instruction booklet or otherwise inquire at Motoshop Europe then you are assured of expert advice.

On our overview you will find the right filter for almost every motorcycle brand.