Cylinderhead Gaskets

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A head gasket ensures that cylinder and cylinder head can be assembled gas- and fluid-tight. Unlike a valve cover gasket, the head gasket must be able to withstand high gas pressures. With aging and use, the head gasket shows wear, so replacement becomes necessary.

leaky Head Gasket

The most common leak is the one between the combustion chamber and a cooling water channel. A leaking head gasket can have several consequences: from minor oil leakage, reduced power due to lower compression, to cooling water loss and overheating. A leaking head gasket is a regular occurrence, and at the first indication, we recommend replacing it immediately to avoid costly engine damage.

replacing a head gasket

In many engines, this is relatively easy because the cylinders and heads are easily accessible.

When the procedure is more laborious, you can of course always call on the mechanics of Motoshop Europe for whom this work is routine.

Motoshop Europe is official dealer of almost all well-known motorcycle brands and can therefore supply an original gasket or one of an alternative brand for each engine model. You can find them in our overview.