Crankshaft Seals

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The crankshaft rotates in the engine crankcase and is driven by the pistons going up and down. The crankshaft rotates in an oil bath and protrudes left and right from the crankcase to set the distribution gear and flywheel in motion. To prevent the oil from leaking out of the engine, there is a retaining ring between the shaft and the crankcase on both sides. This plastic ring has a spring on the inside with which it is tightened around the output shaft.

Replacing one or both crankshaft retaining rings is more or less laborious depending on the engine construction. If you want to replace them yourself, you will almost always find the right retaining ring for your engine model and type on our overview.

Of course you can also call on the technical skills of Motoshop Europe who not only have the experience, but also the necessary tools to do the job correctly.