Crankshaft Bearings

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Bearings are used to reduce friction between two engine parts. Crankshaft bearings allow the rotating crankshaft to turn with minimal resistance in the stationary engine sump. There are various types of bearings, including needle bearings, tapered roller bearings and plain bearings, but most crankshafts are equipped with what are known as ball bearings.

Crankshaft bearings are heavily loaded and are therefore subject to high wear. Replacing them is in many cases a big job because the engine block must be disassembled and dismantled.

When assembly threatens to become an insurmountable problem, our experienced mechanics are ready to carry out this work professionally for you. As a dealer of almost all well-known motorcycle brands, Motoshop Europe can supply the right crankshaft bearings for your engine. You can find them in our overview.