Air Filters

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For the engine to run, fuel is needed, but also oxygen, which is drawn from the air. But that fuel/air mixture must be clean when it enters the engine, because dust particles can damage the engine's internals. The air filter purifies the air drawn in from dirty particles.

If the air filter is seriously dirty or even clogged, it will affect the fuel/air ratio going into the engine. The engine will perform less and even run erratically, fuel consumption will increase. In short: high time to change the air filter, a not too difficult job.

The most common type of air filter is made of paper and folded into a harmonica, to increase the surface area of incoming air.

You can check yourself whether the air filter needs replacement. Open the plastic air filter housing and inspect the air filter for contamination. If you drive a lot in dusty areas, it is advisable to check the filter more often.

Besides original air filters of all major brands, Motoshop Europe also supplies many top quality replacement filters that, whether or not in combination with a different muffler, lead to better engine performance.