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Relay & Switch for Motor

A relay is an electrically operated switch. A small current is enough to activate the relay. On a motorbike, numerous relays are used on lights, indicators and the starter motor, among others. Relays can break down for many reasons and are often beyond repair. This has everything to do with the plastic box. This is often completely sealed. Relays are relatively cheap parts, which is why buying a new relay is often easier than trying to fix the broken one.


In addition to relays, an engine is also equipped with a variety of other switches. Think of the various switches on the handlebars or on the instrument panel. These switches can break, due to intensive use or other reasons. Buying a new switch is then often the only solution.

Which Relay or which Switch do you need?

It is a fact that there are all kinds, sizes and versions of relays and switches for sale, but how do you choose the right one for your motorbike? Motoshop Europe supplies top-quality original and after-market relays and switches for many different makes and models. To find out which relay or switch is suitable for your bike, you can easily search in the My Bike drop-down menu. This way you can always be sure to find the right part!