Ignition Coil

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The ignition coil is a transformer used in the ignition system of internal combustion engines. The job of the ignition coil is to convert the low voltage of the electrical system into a high voltage suitable for ignition, which the spark plug can use to produce its sparks. Ignition coils can last a long time, but wear can cause the engine to run worse. For example, due to insulation problems. As the ignition load increases, the spark will skip through the insulation to ground, causing the spark plug to spark worse and the engine to hold back. Excessive voltage can also cause ignition coil failure. Because defective ignition coils are unfortunately no exception, Motoshop Europe keeps many types in stock. But even if this is not the case, we can quickly supply the right ignition coil for almost every engine model and type. Using our search function (select engine make, type and year of manufacture), you can find which ignition coils are suitable for your engine.