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An alternator is a machine that converts mechanical energy obtained from a rotating shaft into DC electrical energy. A motorcycle is full of components that operate on electric current, which is why it contains a battery and an alternator, which has two main functions: supplying electrical energy and recharging the battery.

Replacing an Alternator

Generally, alternators don't cause many problems, but they can fail prematurely for a variety of reasons, such as a blown diode, a broken voltage regulator or a problem with the drive train. The heavier the load on the alternator, the sooner it can fail. If a red power light appears on the dashboard or the lights are dim while driving, a broken alternator could be the culprit.

On most motorcycles, the alternator is located in an easily accessible place, making replacement not too drastic an operation. In many cases a factory original is chosen, but in some cases Goedhart Motoren can also supply an excellent after-market product. Please consult our overview or ask one of our experienced mechanics if in doubt.

Buying the right alternator

The alternator is a vital part of the electrical system of the engine and in general the alternator is not a part that quickly breaks down. If it does break down, it is important that the alternator is replaced by the right part. Motoshop Europe supplies both original replacement alternators and after-market alternators. It is important to check which alternator fits your engine. Use the My Engine selection to easily find the right part for your engine!