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There are V-belts and timing belts. When it comes to drive in motorcycles and scooters, we see V-belts mainly in the transmission in the variator on scooters. Timing belts, as an alternative to the chain, are used for driving rear wheels. Regardless of which one you need, we can help you get it, fitting almost any motorcycle you can think of and of course, as always, of high quality.

A timing belt must have a certain tension to prevent the teeth of the belt from jumping over the teeth of the pulley. The preload must be able to accommodate highest tensile force that occurs in the timing belt in first gear. The advantage of this preload is that there is no backlash in the drive to the rear wheel, so after braking on the engine, there is no jerk in the drive when the throttle is applied again. This is the case with a chain. In addition, the timing belt is noiseless and maintenance-free, requiring only a regular inspection to detect damage.

The life span of the timing belt is similar to that of the chain, but when it needs to be replaced you are at the right place at Goedhart Motoren. We can supply all types of timing belts for your motorcycle or scooter, both original and after market brands, but always in the right size for your two-wheeler.