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The throttle is the most important control on the motorcycle. You brake, disengage, change gears, operate the switches on the handlebars, all for a very short period of time. The throttle, on the other hand, you operate constantly, literally from start to finish. It is your control over the motorcycle and therefore it must constantly function flawlessly, i.e. turn smoothly over the entire stroke. Thanks in part to that, your commands to carburetor or injection system will be accurately relayed. At Goedhart motorcycles you will find a wide range of throttle levers, and we will be happy to help you with them.

Throttle levers for all motorcycles

At one-stop shop Motoshop Europe you will find a wide range of throttle levers. Not only the best products, but also selected by personnel who know their business. We live the same passion as you. That passion is motorcycling. Our assortment has been carefully selected by people who know their business, people who know what is important on a throttle and what is not. Because of this we not only have a carefully selected assortment of throttle levers, but also only the best products.

We have a wide range of throttle levers, not only replacement throttle levers, but also quick throttle levers. The latter are levers from brands such as Domino, which are relatively lightweight and where the throttle cable can be extended or shortened, allowing you to reduce the stroke to "full throttle." A nice touch for sport riders. Made of high quality aluminum.

Precisely because the throttle handle is used so intensively, wear and tear is no exception. Moreover, the throttle handle is often the first to be affected when the motorcycle falls over or otherwise goes down. In order to exclude any risk, we always advise to replace the throttle handle. You never know. Motoshop Europe can basically deliver any model for any motorcycle brand, from original to a reliable alternative brand. Through the My Motorbike selection menu it is easy to find out which throttle handles are suitable. Put all suitable handles together in no time (haha). If you have any questions or doubts, always contact our technical staff. We are ready to help you, with the friendly and cordial service of Motoshop Europe.