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The throttle cable is an important part of your motorcycle. The throttle cable makes an important connection, not only to your carburetors, but also to your injection system. Whichever one you have. Everything that moves wears out, and the throttle cable is no exception. Try to think of how often you adjust your throttle position while riding. It doesn't wear out much, but it sure does.

Due to intensive use, from the moment the engine is started until you put it away again, this so-called "bowden cable" is susceptible to wear. There are a number of things you can tell when your throttle cable needs replacing. First of all, you can expect the throttle to be relatively stiffer. You will experience more resistance than usual. Secondly, you can expect the throttle to be stiff at some point in the stroke. These are all signs of a worn throttle cable. Your engine will respond less precisely to your commands and will feel a little uncomfortable. If you ignore this for long enough, you will also be unable to drive. That's right, your throttle cable is broken.

A new throttle cable requires only a small investment and immediately makes the bike more comfortable to ride. Many throttle cables are available from stock at Motoshop Europe and in most cases can be delivered very quickly if you have a different model. Consult this website or, if you can't decide, our technical staff for advice.

Throttle cables for all motorcycles

At Motoshop Europe you will find a carefully selected assortment of throttle cables, not only for different types of motorcycles, but also produced by different quality brands. Use our ''My bike'' parts finder to find the right cable for your motorcycle in no time. This way you know for sure that you are getting the right cable.