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In the assortment of one-stop motorcycle stores you will find a wide range of timing belts and timing chains, no matter for which motorcycle you are looking for a timing belt. You can easily find your matching belt in our ''my bike'' part-finder. Select your beloved motorcycle in the menu and let us put all matching belts and chains together. With the cordial service of Motoshop Europe.

Almost every modern internal combustion engine is equipped with one or two overhead camshafts. These camshafts open and close the valves. The transmission (drive) between crankshaft and camshafts is in most cases taken care of by a timing belt or timing chain. You can imagine that it is therefore quite important, so make sure it is in good order.

Timing belts or chain

Most motorcycles are equipped with timing belts and chains that are automatically tensioned, sometimes you can adjust this belt or chain yourself. The instruction book usually indicates when the distribution drives need to be replaced, but not infrequently the chain in particular makes itself clearly heard when it needs replacement. Intervention is then the highest time to avoid engine damage. Postponing is really not an option. The engine timing belt hardly makes itself heard when it is worn out, but to avoid damage it is recommended to replace the belt in time. Consult the instruction booklet supplied with the engine. As said, this is not something you can postpone. As soon as these parts fail, you can assume that not only your belt or chain is defective, but much more.

Large selection at Motoshop Europe

It is of great importance that the correct timing belt or chain is fitted. When the wrong belt or chain is fitted it can cause major damage to the engine block. Motoshop Europe is ready to assist you in finding the right parts. Select your motorcycle via the My Motorbike drop down menu and we will list all suitable timing belts or chains for you. This way you know for sure that you are getting the right parts. If you are not completely convinced, please contact our specialized workshop staff if you have any doubts or questions. They are ready to answer all your questions.