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The clutch interrupts the drive power from the engine to the wheels. This allows the engine to stand still with the engine running and change gears. The clutch housing consists of two parts. The inner part is attached to the crankshaft, the outer via gears on the gearbox. Inside the housing are alternating friction material-coated clutch plates and steel intermediate plates that are pressed together by springs. This ensures that the crankshaft and gearbox are connected. This is because the intermediate plates are attached to the inner body and the clutch plates to the outer body. The moment you disengage (pull the clutch lever), you push these plates away from each other, allowing the crankshaft to rotate separately from the gearbox. There are two types of clutches: Wet clutches (the most commonly used) are dipped in lubricating oil to keep the surfaces clean and cool, which brings higher performance and longer life.