Wheel Bearings

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A ball bearing is used to attach the wheel to the axle, allowing the wheel to rotate with little friction, despite the fact that there is considerable weight on the axle. On a motorcycle, the front and rear wheels are fitted with ball bearings, which are rolling bearings that reduce the friction of a rotating movement. Ball bearings usually consist of an inner ring and an outer ring with one or two rows of spherical balls between them. The balls rotate, preventing much friction.

The ball bearings in the wheel determine how smoothly the wheel turns and are therefore important for the performance of the motorcycle. When the wheels no longer turn very lightly (and there is no question of a worn chain or running brakes...) or cause side noises, then in almost all cases the wheel bearings are worn out. To solve this problem, the wheel bearings must be replaced.

Wheel bearings come in many shapes and sizes and Motoshop Europe has a wide assortment, so we can supply the right wheel bearings from stock for almost any type of motorcycle. You will find them in our overview.