Master Brake Cylinder

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A master cylinder is a pump that is operated with the brake lever. When you press the piston of this pump, brake fluid is pumped through the brake lines to the caliper. The caliper is equipped with one or more pistons. The fluid from the master cylinder pushes these pistons against the brake pads, which then clamp down on the brake disc. Because the pressure in a fluid is the same everywhere, the fluid pressure in the caliper is the same as the pressure you build up in the master cylinder by pressing the brake lever.

The master cylinder is therefore an essential part of the braking system that helps determine the proper functioning of the disc brake system.

Motoshop Europe supplies both original master brake cylinders and good alternatives. When replacing a worn or damaged master brake cylinder, pay close attention to the correct size of the old one, so that you can be sure before purchasing that this part is suitable for your motorcycle. If in doubt, please contact our technical staff.