Brake Fluid Reservoir

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The brake fluid reservoir contains - the word says it all - the brake fluid that is used to operate the hydraulic brakes. This is possible because brake fluid is not compressible, so the movement of the brake lever is converted directly into compression of the brake pads.

The reservoir is equipped with a sight glass with which the correct level can be checked. When the level drops, it can also mean that the brake pads are worn out which allows them to be pressed on further. It can also indicate a leak in the brake system. When this is caused by a worn or damaged reservoir, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

At Motoshop Europe you will find the right brake reservoirs for every type of motorcycle: original or a comparable alternative of the same quality.

Please note: always use new brake fluid from an unopened bottle and avoid spillage, as brake fluid is very aggressive for the paint, chrome and aluminum parts of your motorcycle.