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Most motorcycles are equipped - especially at the front - with disc brakes.

When braking, the brake pads in the caliper press against the disc where friction provides the deceleration.

The floating brake disc consists of 2 parts, with the part in contact with the brake pads having some lateral play relative to the part rigidly mounted to the wheel hub. This prevents the lateral forces on the wheel hub from transferring to the brake pads.

With rigid brake discs, this lateral movement can cause the brake pads to be pushed back further than necessary to release the brake, so the brake no longer engages directly. Some play in the caliper suspension and play in the wheel ball bearings overcomes this problem.

The brake discs on your motorcycle do not have an easy life. They are exposed to heavy loads and do their job open and exposed to the elements. They basically do not require any maintenance and when they need replacement it is fairly easy to check by measuring the thickness of the disc. Worn brake pads that are not replaced in time can cause ugly damage to the brake disc and reduce its performance.

Motoshop Europe supplies brake discs of all known brands. Through our search function (select brand, type, year of manufacture) you can check which brake discs you need for your motorcycle. Of course you can also consult our technical staff.