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Looking for a backpack for the road? At Goedhart Motorbikes you will find an extensive range of motorcycle backpacks. Of course, as always, carefully selected by the people who know about them. A motorcycle backpack gives you just that little bit of extra space on the road. A motorcycle top case is not much fun, is it? A motorcycle backpack is for that reason an excellent choice. Carry your daily stuff everywhere without any problems, not only on the bike, but also when you leave it behind.

You must be wondering what exactly is the difference between a normal backpack and a motorcycle backpack. Sounds like a marketing thing, right? Not so. The most obvious difference is the straps at the front of the backpack, ideally at the top and bottom, across your belly and chest. This ensures that your backpack is really anchored on your back. This prevents uncomfortable situations, such as when you enter a corner and your backpack starts to slide on your back. Something you prevent with a motorcycle backpack. On top of that, the materials used are usually a lot more durable than a conventional backpack. In some cases they are even made of hard polycarbonate. Not only do they protect your back during a fall, but they are also aerodynamic, which is nice on a superbike.