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Motorcycle Luggage

Apart from the outspoken touring models, most standard motorcycles do not have much in the way of luggage. Yet for many, it's important, if not convenient, to have ample storage space during a motorcycle trip. Reasons range from carrying an extra helmet, suitcase for work, some food and drink for a long tour, etc..

Fortunately, both motorcycle manufacturers and suppliers have responded to the demand for storage space for both direct mounting on the motorcycle and sturdy motorcycle backpacks. You will therefore find an extensive range of motorcycle luggage in our assortment.

Motorcycle cases

One of the most common luggage carriers around the motorcycle are motorcycle cases, which generally offer the largest volume of storage space. These carriers are generally found on the side as motorcycle side cases, or on the back/side seat as top cases. The advantage of cases is that they are often hard, so they offer very good protection and are hard-wearing, so a long life for both the case and its contents.

When choosing a motorcycle case, it is important to choose the right mounting materials. For example, when mounting a top case, it is often necessary to purchase a topcase plate, while side cases often require a luggage or case rack for mounting. Would you like to carry your gear easily from your case, or provide even more protection? Then check out our collection of motorcycle case inner bags. For extra parts for your case explore our case accessories category.

Motorcycle Bags

Tank Bags Motorcycle

In addition to cases, there are also bags for the motorcycle, with different applications. For example, there are tank bags that are easily mounted on the tank of the motorcycle, making them easily accessible during a short stop. Many of these tank bags also offer the possibility to put a map or phone in the transparent holder so you can always check during your ride whether you are still on track. Note that when ordering a tank bag you should also order a motorcycle tank ring, you'll need this to mount the tank bag.

Tailbag and Saddlebags Motorcycle

For those of you who only occasionally travel 'packed and ready' and do not want to constantly drive around with a suitcase on your sporty or allroad motorcycle, motorcycle saddlebags are a godsend. Saddlebags are (mostly) soft textile-based bags which - as the word says - are attached to the saddle with straps and are therefore easy to remove.

Roller bags Motorcycle

Roll bags are a great solution for the motorcyclist who is looking for a waterproof bag that he can adjust in size to what needs to be carried. The easy thing about a roller bag is that you can tighten it at every use so it doesn't flap but offers a variation of volumes. Motorcycle roll bags are easily fastened to the back of the saddle with straps or bungies.

Motorcycle bags


Motorcycle backpacks are the most mobile option in terms of motorcycle luggage and are therefore very popular for commuting, or the short outings. Where a motorcycle backpack differs from a normal backpack you are probably wondering. Motorcycle backpacks have extra attachments that go across your body and therefore stay in place better during a ride.

On top of that, the materials used are usually a lot more hardwearing than a conventional backpack. In some cases they are even made of hard polycarbonate. Not only do they protect your back during a fall, but they are also aerodynamic. Which is nice on a superbike.

Leg bags

For people who want to carry their belongings both on and off the bike and want direct access to the most important things, there are motorcycle leg bags. These are easily attached to the upper leg and provide space for your wallet, phone and other small items.


Goedhart motoren's wide range of products naturally has the most diverse options in luggage carriers for motorcycles. Below you will find a selection of the most popular brands in the field of motorcycle luggage.