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The points of contact between you and your motorcycle are the seat, footpegs and handlebars. All three of these parts contribute to a comfortable and proper position while riding. The grips on the handlebar minimise vibrations, while also making sure you have enough of a grip and comfort to ride for long periods of time. At some point in your riding career your grips might need replacing. Motoshop Europe has an extensive range of different grips. You can find any motorcycle brand, but also third party options with different materials and colours.

There are countless reasons to replace your grips. As mentioned before, they could be getting a little worn out. The vibrations of the engine are then more noticeable. Not every rider is a fan of this. Maybe you would like a little more control, especially on the track. In that case you could consider aluminum grips. This way your input is direct. Many different types of motorcycle grips available for many types of motorcycles and riders. Selected by specialized staff with an eye for quality. We find it important that you can be satisfied with the stuff we supply. For this reason we test our range on various factors.

At Motoshop Europe you will find a large and carefully selected assortment. Not only many types of motorcycle grips, but also for many different motorcycles. Use our specially developed 'My bike' part-finder. Select your brand and type, select the year of manufacture and then click on 'search'. This way you will easily and quickly find a selection of all motorcycle grips that fit your bike.