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Despite the fact that motorcycles today are already very stylish in their standard design, the personalization of the motorcycle is something that many riders take very seriously. Your own input in the styling of your motorcycle is something that we at Motoshop Europe take very seriously, as is evident from the many styling accessories that you can find in our assortment.

Motorcycle styling accessories 

One of the most chosen accessories when it comes to styling is the license plate holder. Because of legislation, motorcycles are often equipped with bulging license plate holders that do not compliment the line of the motorcycle. A shortened license plate holder is often purchased directly at the purchase of a motorcycle as one of the most popular choises.

Often styling accessories for your motorcycle are also very functional. Take front fenders and rear fenders for example, in addition to often providing an extra off-road tint they protect both you and your bike from splashing water and dirt. Another example of this are mirrors, as protrusions on your motorcycle they quickly fall into view for a great influence on the overall look. However, they also have a great influence on your riding position, visibility and comfort making them a prominent part of your riding experience. Grips fall into the same category, they are eye-catching, and are the main point of contact with your motorcycle. 

Sporty styling

Within the transportation sector, motorcyclists remain known for their racing tendencies. Hence, a wide spectrum of sporty styling elements can be found for motorcyclists. For example, there are downforce spoilers for extra pressure on the road allowing you to pass on more horsepower, or passenger footrest covers that make your bike look sportier but also provide more streamlining. Streamlining is therefore often the goal of accessories in racing, and is often achieved by installing seatcovers or lower fairings.

On the race track, of course, you will also find the most powerful machines. Power that often leads to light vibrations through the motorcycle, but sometimes to heavier vibrations that prevent concentrated riding. As a solution, the motorcycle world has come up with steering caps and weights or bar ends. Mounted on both halves of the handlebars, they eliminate a significant portion of the vibrations and this makes for a much more comfortable and less tiring ride.