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Whether it is for protection or aesthetic reasons, it is impossible to imagine the motorcycle world without tank pads and sticker sets. Obviously, you will find a wide range of these accessories at Motoshop Europe. The tankpads and sticker sets are available in all sorts of designs and colors, specifically for your motorcycle model and to make your motorcycle look like you want it to, with protection for the paintwork.

Types of stickers and pads for your motorcycle

A common damage to motorcycles is scratches on the tank, usually from your fly. Not surprisingly, the most commonly used pad is a tank pad. These are often purchased in combination with tank decals, stylish pads that in addition to styling often also provide extra grip on the motorcycle. Are you looking for other protective stickers, Motoshop Europe also offers an extensive collection.

Of course protective stickers often have a styling function as well. However, there are also stickers that are purely for the appearance of the motorcycle. Think of wheel striping, numbers and number plates, top yoke stickers or entire sticker sets.