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The true motorcycle enthusiast knows that the protection of the motorcycle is at least as important as your own protection. For this reason you can find countless parts at Motoshop Europe that offer your steel steed protection in the event of, for example, falling over.

Overall protection parts

Protection for your motorcycle is available in many different shapes and sizes. Showy or minimalistic, it is never a wrong choice to offer your motorcycle some extra protection, no matter how carefully you ride the motorcycle. The first choice that is often made is protective equipment that protects a large part or the entire motorcycle.

The choice is therefore quickly on crash bars, crash pads & sliders or engine and frame protection. This type of protectors ensures that important parts of your motorcycle do not touch the ground in the event of a slight fall, so that they are not damaged or are minimally damaged.

Specific protection parts

If you want to offer more specific parts of your motorcycle some extra protection, there is also more than enough choice. If you look at the underside, radiator & intake protectors are very interesting, in addition to crankcase protection.

Of course, the handlebar ends are also sensitive to damage in the event of a fall, brakelever protectors are the ideal protection for this, in addition to which handguards also provide your hands with extra protection. Of course you will also find protection for the other parts of your motorcycle. Take, for example, headlight protectors, chain protectors or exhaust heat shields and protection.