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Heated motorcycle grips are one of those additions you can't live without once you've had them. Heated grips are usually considered a luxury accessory, and no word of it is true. However, there are weather conditions in which they are not a luxury, but a necessity, especially during the winter months. In such a situation, heated grips can make the difference between being able to feel your brake lever or not. Not entirely unimportant, of course. In our webshop you can easily order from a wide selection of heated grips. In our collection you will find different brands of motorcycle heated grips, all fitting various types of motorcycles. In all cases selected by our expert staff with an eye for quality, not only if you are looking for original heated grips, but also Oxford heated grips. We are happy to help you keep your hands warm.

Heated grips come in various shapes and sizes. For example, you can choose the integrated heated grips supplied by the motorcycle manufacturers themselves. These are relatively better integrated than those from Oxford, for example. Yamaha heated grips usually consist of a handlebar and then a neatly integrated controller, whereas Oxford heated grips usually consist of a separate controller. This is an extra box which you attach to your handlebars. With this controller you regulate the heating, usually with a rotary knob, or with a single knob. Easy to use, this allows you to blindly control the temperature, so you can keep your eyes on the road. Motoshop Europe has many types of motorcycle heated grips available for many motorcycles, selected by specialized personnel with an eye for quality. We find it important that you can be satisfied with the equipment we supply, which is why we test our range on various factors.