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Apart from the fact that Motoshop Europe can provide you, in case of a defect or damage, with all the standard electrical installations of your motorcycle, you will also find other electronic accessories at Motoshop Europe. Often aimed at improving your riding experience, but also meant for a more personal design. At Motoshop Europe we offer a very wide collection of electronic parts to make your motorcycle ride go smoothly.

Electronic comfort accessories

Nowadays you see many motorcyclists with GPS navigation systems on navigation support brackets or cell phone in smartphone holder attached to the motorcycle. If you are on the road for a longer period of time, or have to use your phone for the rest of the day, a charging point on the motorcycle is indispensable. Nowadays there are also - just like in the car - 12-volt sockets available for your motorcycle. So you know for sure that your cell phone or GPS can last until at least the destination. Of course it's nice when your hands are warm enough to control your touchscreen, which is why handlebar heaters are available on most motorcycles. Or take a look at our heated motorcycle gloves.

Are you one of those long-distance riders who gets out there many a weekend this way? Then you are probably familiar with a tired hand or forearm from the constant throttle. Of course Motoshop Europe has a solution for this problem, namely Cruise Control.

Electronic styling

When electronics come to mind, thoughts quickly turn to practical things like navigation and other driving aids. However, there is also a wide array of electronic styling to be found. For example, indicators or blinkers, which on many standard motorcycles are quite bulky or even boring. Therefore, at Motoshop Europe you will find many after market turn signals with almost always one for your motorcycle. Don't forget to check if you need a blinker adapter plate or resistors.