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Motorcyclists don't complain easily when the road surface is bad, there is a hint of wind or a few drops of rain, but sometimes it would be nice to be a little more comfortable. Motoshop Europe also provides this.

Wind, cold and wetness

To literally deal with the wind, we supply various windshields: small screens that can be placed on the existing windscreen and that take the wind away from the head, higher screens to replace the standard windscreen, beautiful smoke colored replacement screens and small windshields that can be mounted on the headlight of the naked bike.

Another example are leg covers. As the name suggests, this is a blanket that blocks the riding wind from your legs. Especially in the winter on motor scooter this can be a godsend. After all, with a good windshield, your legs continue to feel the full force of the winter cold. With a leg blanket you can be sure that you will not arrive with blue toes.

Handlebar sleeves provide protection for the hands. Unlike motorcycle gloves, these are directly connected to the handlebars and you have an extra layer around your gloves, without compromising on comfort. To better protect you from wetness on the road, it is possible to extend your fender with a fender extender.

Comfortable sitting position

Most motorcycles already have a comfortable seating position. However, to achieve a more personal seat there are many accessories available, such as the most obvious seats and backrests. Another important factor for a comfortable seating position is your handlebar, which, due to its distance from the rider, largely determines the lean angle. Instead of using different handlebars or clip-ons, it is also possible to use handlebar risers. A final option is to buy other footpegs orbrake and shifter sets. If you also want to be able to look around more easily, you should take a look at our mirror risers and wideners. For a better grip on your handlebars you can also look at our handles and grips.

Side stands and center stands

When parking your motorcycle you want to do this as safely and easily as possible. Is your motorcycle sometimes on a soft surface, it is wise to place a side stand extender, so the stand has a wider surface and it does not sink. If your motorcycle is going to stand on a narrow spot a center stand is useful, this way your bike remains upright so it takes less space than with a side stand.