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Motorcycle pants are very important, just like a motorcycle jacket. The legs are the most vulnerable in the event of a fall. The motorcycle pants ensure that damage is limited.

Types of motorcycle pants
The motorcycle pants you can choose from are made of materials: kevlar, textile, leather or a combination of leather and textile.

Kevlar motorcycle pants
Kevlar is a very strong but light material. It can also withstand high temperatures very well. All this ensures that it is good material for motorcycle pants. Kevlar is also a breathable fabric. It provides a lot of ventilation. The Kevlar motorcycle pants are not waterproof, but they are cooling. This makes it very suitable for the summer.

Textile motorcycle pants
Textile motorcycle pants are very versatile. The textile motorcycle pants can be used in all seasons. Textile motorcycle pants are comfortable for both summer and winter. There are two types of textile motorcycle trousers to choose from: Denim or Cordura. Cordura is known for its durability and quality. Denim often varies in thickness. In general, denim is fairly thick and sturdy. The big advantage of textile motorcycle pants is that there is a lot of choice.

Leather motorcycle pants
Most leather pants are not waterproof. Leather is breathable. To make trousers extra breathable, they sometimes pierce extra small holes in the trousers. You can choose from 3 types of leather. Goatskin, kangaroo leather or bovine leather.

Leather motorcycle pants are very comfortable on the motorcycle. The motorcycle suit shapes itself to your body. When you are not on the motorcycle, it feels less comfortable.
All types of leather are very durable. The main reason people choose leather motorcycle pants is the protection.

You have 3 types of motorcycle pants for the seasons.
All-Season motorcycle pants
Summer motorcycle pants
Winter Motorcycle pants

You can choose from many international top brands. For example, E-Squad, Booster, KTM, Alpinestars and many more.

Each motorcycle pants have certain properties. Consider: windproof, waterproof, ventilated, thermal lining and breathable. Use the filter on the left to quickly find your ultimate pants.

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