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Vespa is a brand of mopeds and scooters produced by the Italian company Piaggio. Piaggio was originally a (war) aircraft manufacturer that was no longer allowed to build aircraft after the Second World War. After all, Italy had collaborated with the Germans. That is why the Piaggio management decided to transform their production line into a scooter factory. In 1946, Piaggio became famous with the production of scooters named Vespa (wasp). Many aircraft parts were used initially. For example, the front wheel was the nose wheel of the earlier aircraft, the engine was a modified starter motor, etc. These scooters - designed by Corradino d'Ascanio - quickly became popular in post-war Italy, where there was a great need for simple means of transport. Vespa thus became a brand name. Vespa started to produce more and more different models, making Vespa more and more popular. Nowadays there are different models of scooters and motor scooters, including the Sprint, GTS and the Primavera.