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The first motorcycle was built in 1951, actually a bicycle with an auxiliary motor, the “Power Free”, then still under the brand name SJK (Suzuki Jidosha Kogyo). The cylinder capacity of this model was 36 cc. As more Suzuki motorcycles came along, they were initially two-stroke models sold under the Colleda brand in the 1950s. In the 1970s Suzuki was successful with the two-cylinder two-stroke models T250, T350 (with only 315 cc) and T500, followed by the three-cylinder two-stroke models GT380, GT550 and the water-cooled GT750. From 1975 onwards they switched to four-stroke engines. GS400, GS750 and many others.

Suzuki supplies motorcycles in all categories and for almost all branches of motorsport. Suzuki also builds outboard motors, bicycles, motorboats and even prefab homes. The brand has factories in Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mozambique, Hungary and Nigeria.

Suzuki participates in the MotoGP, part of the Motorcycle Racing World Championship, with Team SUZUKI ECSTAR. Suzuki has a rich history in MotoGP. It became world champion several times in the 500cc class, the predecessor of the MotoGP. Legendary British motorcycle racer Barry Sheen achieved his first victory with a Suzuki in 1976. After this, Suzuki won the world cup in 1981, 1982, 1993 and 2000 (500 cc).