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At KTM they have an extensive list of racing machines: from adventure tourers to powerful street bikes and countless earth-shredding motorcycles with different engine power. KTM's entire range has different engine capacities. The range is built with high quality components making them market leaders within various motorcycle components.

KTM consistently strives for perfection and this has ultimately led to very satisfying results. Each of our ranges is 100% race proven, KTM has a total of 281 world titles. Of which 17 times the Dakar rally in a row and 64 times the title of the most successful Moto3 brand.

With an extensive list of achievements to date, it is an impressive testament to the continued commitment to motorsport. No matter what the discipline, when it comes to racing, KTM aims to be number one!

KTM is Europe's largest motorcycle manufacturer. Working with 31 international sales subsidiaries and two additional joint ventures in New Zealand and Dubai, KTM AG performs staff services and services on behalf of more than 2,000 dealers and importers worldwide on behalf of both KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH and Husqvarna Motorcycles GmbH.

True 'performance' is more than just a word. It's what makes motorcycling real for the rider. Modern motorcycles are packed with many 'nice to have' features and gadgets, but these are irrelevant if a motorcycle is not performing to its full potential. Performance is above all at KTM. They believe that the driving experience should be exciting, but at the same time it should feel effortless. Creating this level of exceptional performance on every motorcycle requires an obsessive attention to detail in all areas of our business – and drives every member of the KTM family to perform at the very highest level.